What is the RH recovery time in XDry dry cabinets?

RH Recovery Time in Dry Cabinets -Image

Relative Humidity (RH) recovery time may be the single most important issue, after Min RH level. Recovery time refers to the time required for the cabinet to reduce the RH level back to <5% RH after the door has been opened and closed. All XDry Cabinets are equipped with our ‘Auto-on’ feature which activates a fan inside the de-humidification units, causing air movement within the cabinet and allowing the newly introduced moisture to be captured before it can begin to degrade the parts already in storage. The graph on this page illustrates how our Dry Cabinets recover after 1, 2 and then 3 doors are open. This approach provides excellent recovery time, certainly better than the ‘static’ approach used by some of our competitors. In situations where the opening of the doors is exceedingly frequent, and plumbing permits, an optional Nitrogen purge may be installed. This purge would be activated upon the door closing and would continue for a 10-15 minute period (depending on set parameters) allowing the quick voiding of any ambient moisture introduced into the cabinet. This method of recovery will utilize approximately 1/20-1/100 the consumption of a standard nitrogen dry storage cabinet of the same size.


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