Large MSD Dry Cabinet

Large MSD Dry Cabinet Features:

X133 dryer system unit is self generating, auto-desiccated and maintenance free

Closed loop programmable LED touch pad, which maintains RH% levels from 1 to 50% in .1% increments

RH setting lockout on LED display insures no unauthorized changes to RH% set point

Anti-corrosive & ESD safe coating on all surfaces, compliance with IEC61340-5-5

Stainless steel shelves adjustable on 3″ intervals

ESD wrist strap connection

Secure lock and key mechanism

Audible RH% Alarm alerts if RH% level is outside of set point

Large MSD Dry Cabinet Specifications

XD1 – RH Range 10% – 50% RH
XD2 – RH Range 2% – 50% RH
XD3 – RH Range 1% – 50% RH
Available configured as AC110V, 50/60Hz OR AC220V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical Consumption 63W avg — 700W Max

Capacity 1100𝓁³
5 Stainless Steel Shelves Included

External Dimensions 1200 mm x 1840 x 770
Internal Dimensions 1190 mm x 1560 x 720
XD1-1106 Weight – 155Kg
XD2-1106 Weight – 160Kg
XD3-1106 Weight – 165Kg

IPC/JEDEC compliant

Large MSD Dry Cabinet

A very large MSD dry cabinet that is IPC/JEDEC Compliant.

  • Set point from 1-50% RH ( +/-2%) maintained indefinitely
  • Equipped with Internal sensors to control desiccant refreshing & recycling
  • Energy Saving design
  • Desiccant longevity exceeding 10 years
  • Ergonomic Features
large MSD dry cabinet photo

The XD-1104 is a large MSD dry cabinet storage system.  This MSD dry cabinet is a compact high efficiency desiccant drying cabinet with 1100𝓁³ capacity. This large dry cabinet system is suitable for electronics, laboratory, aerospace and many other applications that require low humidity. This MSD dry cabinet storage system is designed to displace moisture from multiple substrates, materials and mediums, in turn rapidly returning the RH level automatically to the users desired set point on the LED control.

This MSD dry cabinet contains auto desiccation technology to maintain an infinite range of set points from 1% to up to 50 % RH. The internal sensor automatically controls the refreshing and recycling of the synthetic desiccant in the X133 drying unit.

The synthetic regenerating desiccant has a lifespan of up to 10 years creating a maintenance-free system with the operating cost of just pennies a day.

This large MSD dry cabinet is IPC/JEDEC compliant.