How can I tell if I have MSD related defects occurring?

Initially you may not see any signs of defects.  MSD defects such as cracking may be visible to the eye, and ‘Popcorning’ occurring may actually be heard coming from inside your oven in severe cases. Still, it’s very difficult to detect these defects, even standard ICT may show no abnormalities If you are interested in determining weather your process may be susceptible to moisture related damage you could run the following test…

Allow a tray of MSD’s to flow through your process as they normally would while being assembled (including all dwell times and reflow), at the end of the process send the MSD’s to an independent lab for scanning acoustic microscopy, or cross-sectioning. If defects are evident in the results then you can be sure that you would realize savings and reliability with the implementation of an MSD control program


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