What are the benefits of Desiccant Dry Cabinets over baking?

Less costly than baking; with a monthly power consumption of only 40.4 kW it’s considerably less expensive than long duration bake cycles. More efficient; Components are being dehumidified while they sit in inventory, always ready for the next run. More convenient; Operators will be more inclined to place components into cabinets rather than taking the time to re-bag, especially for short duration exposures. Space saving; smaller outside dimensions than that of comparable burn in cabinets as a result of insulation, wiring, etc. Better Quality; Baking SMD packages may cause oxidation or intermetallic growths to form, which can reduce solderability. Component carriers may cause out gassing during baking, again, effecting the solderability, Less Concern; Standards suggest when baking between 90-125 deg C. a max time of 48 hours be observed, then deviations should be requested. With desiccant cabinet storage there is no maximum to observe. Less handling; there is no need to transfer components from their standard packaging to high temp carriers in preparation for the bake, possibly introducing physical damage to the component itself.


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