What are the benefits of Desiccant dry cabinets over Nitrogen?

Desiccant cabinets have lower running cost. N2 is void of all oxygen, it is unable to absorb O2, and as a result it is a less effective than desiccant when used as a drying agent. It is typically used under positive pressure to continually displace the oxygen within the cabinet. XDry dry cabinets are portable with casters, and do not require plumbing, so they can be moved to a new location whenever required. XDry cabinets will maintain their internal environment for extended periods (10-+24 Hrs) during power down situations, continuing to protect your components. Nitrogen cabinets use a constant positive pressure flow to void the cabinets of all O2; this nitrogen flows out into the production facility, reducing the oxygen density in the area, potentially causing discomfort to staff.

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