How do dry cabinet desiccant dryers function?

Dry Cabinet Desiccant Dryer Function

Depending on the size and type of dry cabinet model in question up to three High Performance de-humidification units may be installed. These units are simple and reliable and are the result of many years of research. This diagram shows the basic operation of the Dryer. These dryer units contain a specially chosen desiccant that is exposed to the cabinet interior for a period of time, during which moisture is trapped within the desiccant. Depending upon the set points selected by the user, the dryers will seal themselves off from the cabinet interior regularly during operation for recycling and refreshing. The desiccant is refreshed by heating it and allowing the trapped moisture to escape as vapor (H2O) through vents located at the back of the cabinet. Once refreshed the unit is ready to seal off the exterior venting, and re-open itself to the interior to continue de-humidification. An electronically controlled cycle ensures that the dryer units are operating in tandem, providing drying power at all times.

XDry Desiccant Dry Cabinets are:

  • Passive (No bake cycles to be concerned with)
  • Inexpensive (No N2 costs, no desiccant to buy or replace)
  • Simple (No need return parts to MBB’s)
  • Effective (RH levels within parts will decrease while in the cabinet).

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